propriétaire d’un cep de vigne

Become the owner of a vine from Morges!

The Morges wine producers welcome you to their winemakers family by offering you the opportunity to become the owner of a Morges vine

For CHF 150.- only, you become the proud owner of a vine which will bare your name and be taken care of by your winemaker.

Your chosen winemaker will send you an ownership certificate and for 5 years, a bottle of white wine baring your name will be waiting for you!

Becoming an owner is not only the opportunity for you to offer an original gift, but it is also the opportunity for you to show your support to the Morges region, whose exceptional terroir has been a reference for all informed amateurs.

Vous recevrez directement le certificat chez vous pour l'offrir
Délai: env.10 jours  TVA 7,7 %  incluse

Adresse Du Propriétaire Du Cep

Adresse du donnateur
Vous recevrez directement le certificat chez vous pour l'offrir


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